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MindShift is an organic and international network of Christian education leaders working to catalyze innovative change in our schools. We are not an association or a consulting group. Instead, we are peers who share a common set of beliefs about the purpose of Christian education, and how it needs to change for its mission to endure into the future.

Why We Exist

We don’t pretend to have all the answers. In fact, often we stifle innovation when we look for simple or technical answers. Instead, we think a critical key to change is asking better questions. This is especially true in an age of constant disruption and disequilibrium.

We also agree with futurist Rex Miller (quoting William Gibson) that the future is here—it’s just not evenly distributed. This means that somewhere, out there, leaders are already working on adaptive strategies to address change. Our goal is to find, gather, and learn with them. Often these leaders are passionate, frustrated with the status quo, and enjoy connecting with others around big questions. If you’re one of these leaders, MindShift is for you.

What We Do

We provide forums for like-minded Christian education leaders—and friends who care about the mission of Christian education—to converse, convene, and collaborate.

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What YOU Can Do

If MindShift sounds like a place for you, sign up for our mailing list so we can keep you posted about upcoming events, forums, and new resources. Be sure to check out the resources we’re already using in our work together, including our Seven MindShift Principles.


In 2017, a small, informal group of Christian educators and leaders began convening regularly regarding the possibilities of transformation in Christian education. Although they represented different schools and organizations, and came from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, they all shared a common dissatisfaction with the resistance to change, entrenched and ineffective practice, and malaise toward innovation that they often observed in the Christian school movement. They nonetheless believed deeply in the mission and impact of Christian education–which was exactly why they were concerned about its future.

Many of these educators and leaders had interacted with Rex Miller, a futurist and committed Christian who had pioneered a transformational process of dialogue and exploration called MindShift. Rex generously agreed to walk with this group of Christian educators as a mentor and friend, as they set out to embark on a Christian education MindShift. Gathering over 60 leading educators from across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, they journeyed together over the next two years through a Christian Education MindShift.

With support from leading organizations in Christian education as well as funding from the Christian Education Charitable Trust (Maclellan Foundation), the Christian Education MindShift involved strategic dialogues and visits to innovative schools throughout the United States (including the Silicon Valley, Chicago, and Texas), as well as Ontario, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The MindShift work became a focused theme of the 2019 Global Christian School Leadership Summit, where over 1100 Christian education leaders from around the world experienced MindShift firsthand. Insights from the Christian Education MindShift were captured in the book MindShift: Catalyzing Change in Christian Education, published in 2019 by ACSI. Also in 2019, the Seven MindShift Principles were made available, as a foundation for the networking, collaboration, and convening that is part of the ongoing MindShift work to catalyze change in Christian education.

Advisory Group

Lynn Swaner


Dan Beerens

Dan Beerens Consulting

Erik Ellefsen

Valley Christian Schools

Jenny Brady

Prestonwood Christian Academy

Michael Chen

Pacific Bay Christian School

Justin Cook


Jay Ferguson

Grace Community School

Joel Gaines

The City School, Philadelphia

Beth Green

Tyndale University

John Hwang


Rex Miller

Futurist & MindShift Consultant

Mitch Salerno

Monte Vista Christian School

Katie Wiens


Andy Wolfe

Church of England


Leaders from the following schools, institutions, and organizations have participated in the MindShift process and dialogues:

  • Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Colorado Springs, CO
  • Baylor University, Waco, TX
  • Cardus Education, Hamilton, ON
  • Calvin University, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK
  • Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE), Sioux Center, IA
  • Charleston Bilingual Academy, North Charleston, SC
  • Christian Education National (CEN), Sydney, AUS
  • Christian Schools Australia (CSA), Sydney, AUS
  • Church of England Education, London, UK
  • Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA), Marietta, GA
  • Cornerstone Christian Schools, San Antonio, TX
  • CREST Education, Melbourne, Australia
  • Dalat International School, Penang, Malaysia
  • Delaware County Christian School, Newtown Square, PA
  • Edmonton Christian Schools, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Edudeo, Hamilton, ON
  • Edvance Christian Schools Association, Hamilton, ON
  • EL Learning, New York, NY
  • Grace Community School, Tyler, TX
  • Halton Hills Christian School, Georgetown, ON
  • Hamilton District Christian High School, Hamilton, ON
  • Jupiter Christian School, Jupiter, FL
  • Kings Christian Collegiate, Oakville, ON
  • Knox Christian School, Bowmanille, ON
  • Little Rock Christian Academy, Little Rock, AK
  • London Christian High School, London, ON
  • Modern Learners, Flemington, NJ
  • Monte Vista Christian School, Watsonville, CA
  • Norfolk Christian Schools, Norfolk, VA
  • Northpointe Christian School, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Open Sky Education, Waukesha, WI
  • Pacific Bay Christian School, Pacifica, CA
  • Prestonwood Christian Academy, Plano, TX
  • Resurrection Christian School, Loveland, CO
  • Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia (SCSBC), Langley City, BC
  • The City School, Philadelphia, PA
  • The Prairie Centre for Christian Education, Edmonton, AB
  • The Rock School, Gainesville, FL
  • Timothy Christian Schools, Elmhurst, IL
  • Toronto District Christian High School, Woodbridge, ON
  • Tyndale University College and Seminary, North York, ON
  • Valley Christian Schools, San Jose, CA
  • Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL
  • Whittier Christian High School, La Habra, CA
  • Woodland Christian High School, Breslau, ON


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

— African Proverb.

MindShift is made possible by groups who have committed to walk together with us by providing essential financial and resource support: